Feather Tea

 Feather Tea is a natural Chitosan based organic plant nutrition enhancer. Feather Tea contains free amino acids and chitinous micronutrients that provides excellent growth and yield enhancement for both organic and conventional agriculture. Feather Tea is derived from feathermeal and crustacean shell by patented bio-fermentation. Feather Tea meets the guideline of organic input material of USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and is listed by Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI number: GRN-9630) for use in organic farming and gardening.

Feather Tea is safe to use that no harm to people, pets, wildlife, or the environment. USEPA release a research document (Chitosan Fact Sheet 128930) that Chitosan has dual functions as bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer. Chitosan (Poly-D-glucosamine) is used primarily as a plant growth enhancer, and as a substance that boosts the ability of plants to defend against fungal diseases, including early and late blight, downy and powdery mildew, and gray mold.



Promotes roots growth and nutrition uptake

Converts soil fertility into nutrients for plant to utilize immediately

 Multiplies crop yields with better weight, color, freshness, and sugar content

Enters earlier harvest stage, extends harvest period, and anti-ageing with longer shelf life

Keep Nematodes away and improves plantís disease resistance ability

Helps to remedy problem plant tissues caused by fungi, pesticide, or other natural causes (such as floods) and return it to normal growing conditions

Develops soil ecosystem and soil structure by proliferation of soil beneficial microbes

Enhances seeds germination rate and reduces damp off and logging by seeds treatment

Helps to relieve the stress from transplantation and endures adverse weather conditions involving heat, cold, moisture, and drought

Works with solution and suspension forms of fertilizers and can be applied with most herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides